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The Birgit Nilsson Museum

Birgit Nilsson - theme 2020

Photo: From Birgit Nilsson Archive

Birgit Nilsson - theme 2019

Courtesy of the Metropolitan Opera Archives Photo: Louis Mélançon

Birgit Nilsson - theme 2018

Photo: Benno Movin-Hermes

Emma Sventelius2 - Birgit Nilsson Scholarship recipient 2020

Photographer Martin Lundström

Emma Sventelius1 - Birgit Nilsson Scholarship recipient 2020

Photographer Annika Falkuggla

Anne Sofie von Otter - Master Class 2020


Photo: Mickael Tannus

The piano

Photo: Evelyn Thomasson

The Birgit Nilsson Museum

Photo: Birgit Nilsson Museum


Photo: Enar Merkel Rydberg

Birgit with a hedgecutter

Photo: unknown


Photo: Fayer, Wien


Photo: Enar Merkel Rydberg

Stables café interior

Photo: Joacim Wall

The aida-cake

Photo: Joacim Wall

Stables café exterior

Photo: Mickael Tannus


Photo: Mickael Tannus