birgit nilsson's memory ab

Birgit Nilsson’s feelings and solicitude for her home town led her to express a wish that her parental home should be preserved as a ”home” for Birgit Nilsson memorabilia. Therefore the Svenstad Foundation was established, which owns and runs Birgit Nilssons Minne AB.


Birgit till häst framför gården i Svenstad. Privat bild.

The board of directors for Birgit Nilssons Minne AB consist of chairman Lars H Ericson, Hans Lindström and acting director Gitte Lindström-Harmark. The purpose of the foundation is to maintain the Svenstad property and there carry out museum activities, concert programs as well as related activities. Birgit Nilsson Museum and, the official website, are run by Birgit Nilsson’s Minne AB.