Birgit Nilsson Museum

Welcome to the farm where Birgit Nilsson played as a child, and dreamed of a life in the world of music and opera! Birgit Nilsson (1918-2005) grew up on a farm in Svenstad in Southern Sweden. The farm had been in the family since the 18th century, and today it is a museum devoted to ”La Nilsson”.




Birgit lived on the farm in Svenstad with her parents until she was 23 years old. It was a simple life without electricity or running water. It was not until the 1930’s that the first modern conveniences were installed. Birgit helped with all the farm chores. She thinned out the beets, planted and dug up potatoes, harvested hay and milked cows. It was in other words a life far from what she would later experience as one of the most famous opera singers in the world

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Guided tours of the family home

Follow us into Birgit’s parental home, with memories from both her childhood and her extraordinary career! The house has remained the same as when Birgit last lived there. Experience Birgit’s childhood with you own eyes and hear the guides tell what life on the farm was like.

Exhibition with audioguide, media room and cinema

Take part of the exhibit Birgit Nilsson - moments and tones. Its theme is renewed every season. Birgit Nilsson’s fantastic career is depicted, with the possibility to listen to audio recordings and see film sequences. Read more

The café and stables


Photo (all above): Birgit Nilsson Museum

The well-preserved old stables have been made into a unique café, where you in restful and innovative surroundings can enjoy a cup of coffee, a sandwich or a cake baked from Birgit’s own recipe. The Stables café can be visited without paying admission to the museum. It is open during the opening hours of the museum. Here, you can pay in cash or with card. Read more

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At Birgit Nilsson Museum, we have free Wi-Fi available for our visitors.

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